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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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I WAS born in Arlington Street, near St. James's, London, September 24th, 1717, O.S. My godfathers were Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, and my uncle Horatio Walpole ; my godmother, my aunt Dorothy, Lady Viscountess Towns-hend.
I was inoculated for the small-pox in 1724, In 1725 I went to Bexley, in Kent, with my cousins, the four younger sons of Lord Townshend, and with a tutor, Edward Weston, one of the sons of Stephen, Bishop of Exeter; and continued there some months. The next summer I had the same education at Twickenham, Middlesex ; and the intervening winters I went every day to study under Mr. Weston, at Lord Townshend's.
April 26th, 1727,1 went to Eton School, where Mr. Henry Bland (since Prebendary of Durham), eldest son of Dr. Henry Bland, Master of the School, and since Dean of Durham and Provost of Eton, was my tutor.
I was entered at Lincoln's Tirn, May 27th, 1731, ray father intending me for the law ; but I never went thither, not caring for the profession.
I left Eton School September 23rd, 1734; and March 1 Itli, 1735, went to King's College, Cambridge. My public tutor was Mr. John Smith; my private, Mr. Anstey: afterwards Mr. John Whaley was my tutor. I went to lectures in civil law to Dr. Dickens, of Trinity Hall; to mathematical lectures, to blind Professor Saunderson, for a short time j afterwards, Mr. Trevigar read lectures to me in mathematics and

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